Beltway Justice     ~     D.B. Moffatt

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D.B. MoffattKilling for the Cure Andrew Smith

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Everyone Wants Political Civility

Is someone willing to Kill for it?

  Prominent members of the United States Congress are dropping dead for no apparent reason.
 As these ghastly incidents persist, and the body bags multiply, so does the panic that grips surviving members of Congress. These honorable public servants are demanding answers and action and they are demanding them now!
Unfortunately, U.S. Capitol Police has made no headway in the investigation. To further complicate the situation, the Media has simultaneously launched its own probe into the matter.  However, investigation of the dead has led to scrutiny of the surviving legislators..... and Justice has discarded its blindfold.

"Beltway Justice delivers a great story, compelling characters and an ending you won't see coming. four stars!"
The new Political parody thriller from  D.B.Moffatt